World War II Game

TDG: Triumph & Tragedy


World War II was the most destructive event in world history. It also led to some really awesome board games! Is this latest offering from GMT Games among them, or is it destined to be merely a footnote to footnote in gaming history. Cody investigates.

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TDG: Victory in Europe


Hey, do you guys realize that there was a World War II? I know, I just looked it up. Apparently it had something to do with Germany. At any rate, here's a game from Columbia Games that attempts to make a tabletop contest out of this obscure chapter of neglected history.

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TDG: Tide of Iron: Next Wave


Tide of Iron is back, but will 1A Games' Next Wave live up to Fantasy Flight Games' proud tradition of producing this WWII game of tactical battles? Cody investigates.

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