TDG RePlay: Twilight Struggle


Join Cody and Zac as they look back at Twilight Struggle.

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TDG: By Stealth and Sea


Sabotage, Subversion, Submarines and... Italians! Join Cody as he looks at this World War II naval game from DVG. Will fun surface on your tabletop? Or will it just torpedo your good times? Let's watch!

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TDG: Seastead


Is life really better under the sea? Join Cody as he explores this fast-paced, two player sequel to 2019's Flotilla from WizKids? Will it make you the monarch of the sea? Or will you just feel like taking a dive? Let's watch!

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Cody's Top 100 Games of All Time: #150-101


Hello Everybody! Back by popular demand, Cody will begin his Top 100 Games of All Time videos on the TDG YouTube channel shortly. In the meantime, you can check out his list that didn't quite make the cut, with #150-101 below:

150. Russian Railroads (2013, Hans im Glück, Helmut Ohley, et al)
149. Hapsburg Eclipse (2014, Victory Point Games, Darin A. Leviloff)
148. Roll for It Deluxe (2014, Calliope Games, Chris Leder)
147. Maquis (2013, Side Room Games, Jake Staines)
146. Axis and Allies Anniversary (2008, Avalon Hill/Wizards of the Coast, Larry Harris, Jr.)
145. Imperial Struggle (2020, GMT Games, Jason Matthews, et al)
144. GKR Heavy Hitters (2018, Cryptozoic, Matt Hyra)
143. Point Salad (2019, AEG, Molly Johnson, et al)
142. The Captain is Dead (2014, AEG, Joe Price, et al)
141. Extraordinary Adventures: Pirates (2019, Forbidden Games, Glenn Drover, et al)

140. Rising Sun (2018, CMON, Eric Lang)
139. The Grizzled (2015, CMON, Fabien Riffaud, et al)
138. Five Tribes (2014, Days of Wonder, Bruno Cathala)
137. Aeon’s End (2016, Indie Boards & Cards, Kevin Riley)
136. Obscurio (2019, Libellud, L’Atelier)
135. Lord of the Rings: Quest to Mount Doom (2018, Warhammer, Jay Clare)
134. Queen’s Necklace (2003, CMON, Burno Cathala, et al)
133. Sheriff of Nottingham (2014, Asmodee, Sérgio Halaban, et al)
132. SpaceCorp (2018, GMT Games, John H. Butterfield)
131. Blitzkrieg (2019, PSC Games, Paolo Mori)

130. Star Wars: Imperial Assault (2014, Fantasy Flight Games, Corey K., et al)
129. Level 7: Invasion (2014, Privateer Press, Will Schoonever)
128. Churchill (2015, GMT Games, Mark Herman)
127. Thunderstone Quest (2018, AEG, Mike Elliot, et al)
126. The Silver River (2020, Robert Burke Games, Robert Burke, et al)
125. Dice Masters (2014, Wizkids, Mike Elliot, et al)
124. Legendary: James Bond (2019, Upper Deck, Devin Low, et al)
123. Champions of Midgard (2015, Grey Fox Games, Ole Steiness)
122. Space Marines Adventures: Labyrinth of the Necrons (2018, Warhammer, N/A)
121. Star Trek: Catan (2012, Mayfair Games, Klaus Teuber)

120. Richard the Lionheart (2017, CMON, Andrea Chiaversio)
119. Lords of Waterdeep (2012, Wizards of the Coast, Peter Lee, et al)
118. Star Realms (2014, White Wizard Games, Darwin Kastle, et al)
117. The Last Spike (2015, Columbia Games, Tom Dalgliesh)
116. Triumph & Tragedy (2015, GMT Games, Craig Besinque)
115. Fort Sumter (2018, GMT Games, Mark Hermann)
114. Fields of Despair (2017, GMT Games, Kurt Keckley)
113. Mission Red Planet (2015, Bruno Fantasy Flight Games, Cathala, et al)
112. Jaws (2019, Ravensburger, Prospero Hall)
111. Love Letter (2012, AEG, Seijii Kanai)

110. O.P. Arena (2019, WizKids, Robert Burke, et al)
109. Scythe (2016, Stonemaier Games, Jamey Stegmaier)
108. Hero Realms (2016, White Wizard Games, Darwin Kastle)
107. Castle Itter (2019, DVG, David Thompson)
106. Crusader Kings (2019, Fria Ligan, Jon Manker, et al)
105. Star Wars X-Wing (2012, Fantasy Flight Games, Jason Little)
104. Mare Nostrum: Empires (2016, Academy Games, Serge Laget)
103. Legendary Encounters: Firefly (2016, Upper Deck, Daniel Mandel, et al)
102. Blood Rage (2015, CMON, Eric M. Lang)
101. Combat Commander: Europe (2006, GMT Games, Chad Jensen)

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TDG: Dune Imperium


A Fremen, a Bene Gesserit, and a Guild Navigator walk into a bar. Bartender says, "What'll you have?" They all answer, "I don't care. As long as it's spicy." Join Cody on an epic quest to review this worker placement/deck building game from Dire Wolf. Should you face your fear and get this game? Or will the experience be that little death that brings total obliteration? Let's watch!

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TDG: Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps


All right sweethearts! You heard the man and you know the drill! Cody takes a look at this new dungeon crawler from Gale Force Nine based on the iconic 1986 movie. Relax - if you love this game it doesn't mean you're engaged or anything. Or should you just nuke the game from orbit? Let's watch!

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TDG: Caesar: Rome vs. Gaul


When Rome tried to take over France, that Caesar had some Gaul! Join Cody as he looks at this new area control/wargame from GMT Games. Will it conquer your tabletop? Or should we leave Caesar to the salad? Let's watch!

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TDG: Disney: The Haunted Mansion - Call of the Spirits


I ain't 'fraid of no hitchhiking ghosts! Join Cody as he explores this family friendly yet terrifying set collection game from Funko. Will it be a ghoulishly good time? Or will the macabre be all too mundane? Let's watch! (Minor audio issues at the beginning).

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TDG: Sidereal Confluence


Looking to make a deal? Join Cody as he examines this interstellar trade/negotiation game from WizKids. Will the contracts you make bind your heart? Or will you negotiate away your good times? Let's watch!

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TDG RePlay: Battlestar Galactica


Join Cody and Zac as they take a look back at Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game!

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