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TDG: Batman: The Animated Series - Shadow of the Bat


Holy miniatures and keywords, Batman! Join Cody as he searches for clues in this superhero miniatures game from IDW Games. Would it be a crime to miss this one? Or will it just strike terror into the hearts of players? Let's watch!

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TDG: DC Deck Building Game: Rebirth


Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman are back, and they're really movin' up! Or at least movin' around the play area! Join Cody as he looks at this latest iteration of the beloved Deck Building Game from Cryptozoic. Will it make you leap tall buildings in a single bound? Will it just make you feel like you got hit by a ton of kryptonite? Let's watch!

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TDG: Batman: Gotham City Strategy Game


What happens when a college student Denny's Manager gets bitten by a radioactive bat? He becomes the Bat-Man! I think that's the origin story. Anyway, check out this game of criminal masterminds, area control, and comic book mayhem from WizKids!

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