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TDG: Dungeons & Dragons: Trials of Tempus


Brutal ogres, giant snake, small wizards, and camp fire monsters? Sounds like my college experience! Join Cody as he considers this D&D boxed adventure game from WizKids. Will it cast a spell on your tabletop? Or is this one better left in the dungeon? Let's watch!

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TDG: 1812: The Invasion of Canada


It's safe to say that if America lost the War of 1812, we'd all be speaking English right now. Join Cody as he explores that long ago conflict in board game form, from Academy Games, and learns to always be leery of the lingering Canadian threat.

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TDG at Play: Captain Sonar


Join the crew of the S.S. Discovery Channel as they take on the crew of the S.S. Unterseeboot in The Discriminating Gamer's very first play through of Captain Sonar!

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TDG: Captain Sonar


Dive! Dive! Dive! Will this real time submarine adventure from Asmodee rise to the occasion or sink to the bottom? Cody reports for duty. Who'd have thought it of Johann?

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