push-your-luck game

TDG: First in Flight


Tired of being last in walking? Have I got the game for you! Join Cody as he reaches for the wild blue yonder in this deck building/push-your-luck game from Artana. Will you slip the surely bonds of earth on game night? Or will it just make a rough landing on your tabletop? Let's watch!

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TDG: Greece Lightning


Ready to have a Hera good time? Cody investigates this ancient Greece trireme racing game from Wizkids. Will Poseidon smile on your tabletop? Or will the whole thing just go down the whirlpool? Let's watch!

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TDG: Costa Rica


Finally, a game that lets you travel to the rain forest and take pictures of exotic animals without all the hassle of malaria! Join Cody as he explores this new push-your-luck game from Mayfair Games. Toucan play at this game... and up to five...

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