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Salt Con Spectacular 2017


Join Cody, Holly, George, Shawn and the crew as they check out Utah's own Salt Con board game convention!

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TDG: Clockwork Wars


Rhinos, Chimpanzees, dogs, and humans, oh my!!! Join Cody as he looks at this euro/combat hybrid from Eagle-Gryphon Games. Will it bring out the animal in you, or will it leave you a real steamed punk!

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TDG: Fleet Wharfside


Ready for the catch of the day? Will this light card game from Eagle-Gryphon Games sink or swim? Join Cody as he battens down the hatches for this review.

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TDG: Dexikon


Have trouble spelling? Maybe what you need is s a good deck building game with letters. But does this offering from Eagle-Gryphon Games get an A, or an F? Spell you later!

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