Memoir '44

TDG: Commands & Colors: Medieval


What are you if you're not High Evil and you're not Low Evil? You're Medieval! Join Cody as he explores this latest Commands & Colors adventure from GMT Games. Will it invade the empire of your heart? Or will it just prove feudal? Let's watch!

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TDG: Red Alert: Space Fleet Warfare


Do yellow and blue alerts get you down? Have I got the game for you! Join Cody as he investigates this science-fiction riff on the Commands and Colors wargame system from PSC Games. Will it set phasers on fun? Or will it just leave a black hole in your wallet? Let's watch!

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TDG: Top Five Days of Wonder Games


Are your days filled with tedium? Have I got the game company for you! Join Cody as he takes a look at his favorite games from another great game company!

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The Discriminating Gamer remembers


Seventy years ago today Americans and their allies fought and died in the invasion of France. But for their efforts Nazi rule may well have continued in Europe for years to come. The world owes all men, whatever their nationality, who fought for freedom that day and in the many others of World War II, a tremendous debt. History is a wonderful fit with our hobby, as there are many, many tremendous games that recreate historical events. Wargames often recreate historical conflicts in ways that make the wars easier to understand and appreciate. There are many wonderful World War II themed games on the market today, far too many to mention here. Some of my favorites include Memoir '44, Tide of Iron, and of course, Axis and Allies. Today, as we remember the heroism and sacrifice of those who came before, you may want to break out one of these games in their honor.

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