dice building game

TDG: Cubitos


And now for a game that's really square! Join Cody as he examines this new dice building, push-your-luck game from AEG. Will it roll its way into your heart? Or will you roll a die too far? Let's watch!

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TDG: Dice Masters: War of Light


I know a lot of you only have a Dice Bachelors degree, but come on- it's time to get your Dice Masters! Cody takes a look at this new Green Lantern-themed set from WizKids, and learns a thing or two about power rings in the process.

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TDG: Dice Masters: Age of Ultron


Eagerly awaiting Dice Masters: Age of Cody? Well, you'll just have to wait. But you can take a look at Age of Ultron in the meantime... with Cody.

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