commands and colors

TDG: Red Alert: Space Fleet Warfare


Do yellow and blue alerts get you down? Have I got the game for you! Join Cody as he investigates this science-fiction riff on the Commands and Colors wargame system from PSC Games. Will it set phasers on fun? Or will it just leave a black hole in your wallet? Let's watch!

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TDG: The Great War


"Right-o chaps! We must confound Gerry at every turn! I propose we run right at his machine guns and rifles, even as he spews artillery shells at us. He'll never suspect that tactic!" Is this new light wargame from PSC Games a battlefield victory, or is it fruitless military exercise? Cody investigates!

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TDG: Battlelore: Hernfar Guardians & Warband of Scorn


Are you afraid of giant spiders, siege golems, and grotesques? Then stay away from my apartment. Instead, join Cody as he checks out the new army expansions to Battlelore, 2nd Edition, from Fantasy Flight Games.

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