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TDG: Legendary: Marvel Studios Phase I


Now you can live the action of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in your own home- in board game form! Join Cody as he takes a look at this latest iteration of the Marvel Legendary line from Upper Deck. Will you be Nick Fury-ous about it? Or will it Hulk Smash your dreams? Let's watch!

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TDG: Legendary: Civi War


Let's face it, most wars are distinctly uncivil. Cody, however, takes a look at this conflict centering on the Superhero Registration Act, in which each side offer the other tea, crumpets, and the occasional reluctant smile. Will this latest Legendary expansion from Upper Deck conquer your heart, or secede from your affections? Let's watch.

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S1E5 Legendary: Marvel vs. DC Deck Building Game


In this episode, Cody encounters the mysterious Zac Man, and together they review Cryptozoic Entertainment's DC Comics Deck Building Game and Upper Deck's Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game. But Anti-Zac Man has plans of his own.

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