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TDG: The Cohort


As Julius Caesar said as he was laying the siege works at Alesia, "Centurians, hold your cards outward so that the Guals may see our hand." Join Cody as he tackles the Roman military hierarchy in this set collection offering with a twist from Mage Company. "Rome if you want to, Rome around the world."

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TDG: Carrotia


Hey, what's up, doc! Join Cody as he takes a look at this game of labyrinths, bunnys, and angry birds- not those angry birds- from Mage Company.

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TDG: Raid & Trade


If you're like me, you really enjoy breaking into people's houses in a post-apocalyptic society (or not). In any event, join Cody as he dares to venture into this wasteland world adventure from Mage Company.

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TDG: 12 Realms


11 Reams not good enough for you? 13 too many? For all of your realm-inspired questions, check out this cooperative game from Mage Company with a fairy tale theme and a host of bad guys.

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