TDG: Legendary: X-Men


They used to be men until- a tragic accident! Now, they're X-Men! Join Cody has explores this latest expansion from Upper Deck. Will the cardboard mutate into fun? Or will it leave you feeling X-hausted? Let's take a look!

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TDG: X-Men: Mutant Revolution


When the A through W men can't handle it, you call the X-Men! Cody takes a look at this new WizKids game of plotting, team building, and combat. Oh, and there's bidding dials.

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S1E5 Legendary: Marvel vs. DC Deck Building Game


In this episode, Cody encounters the mysterious Zac Man, and together they review Cryptozoic Entertainment's DC Comics Deck Building Game and Upper Deck's Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game. But Anti-Zac Man has plans of his own.

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