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TDG: The Cohort


As Julius Caesar said as he was laying the siege works at Alesia, "Centurians, hold your cards outward so that the Guals may see our hand." Join Cody as he tackles the Roman military hierarchy in this set collection offering with a twist from Mage Company. "Rome if you want to, Rome around the world."

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TDG: Blood & Fortune


Do you like deception, betrayal, and back-stabbing? Then you might have what it takes to run for president, or play this new bluff/hidden role game from Ex1st Games. Cody investigates.

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TDG: The Game


Hey everybody, have you heard about the game? Not that game, this game! The GAME! from IWD Games. You game?

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TDG: Awesome Kingdom


Why settle for a pretty good republic? This offering from IDW Games will push your notions of dungeons, monsters, magic, and good government.

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TDG: 6 Nimmt!


Please welcome Holly to The Discriminating Gamer as she looks at this at this classic light card game from Mayfair Games. (If we get some positive feedback she'll do more!!!)

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TDG: Dozen Doubloons


Ahoy, there! Seen any buried treasure about? Only in increments of a dozen gold pieces, ya' say? That be funny- sounds like a game me maties and I used to play before Captain Tim had us scrub the deck!

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TDG: Paranormal Investigation


Do you scare easily? Do you dare check out Paranormal Investigation from Touch Paper Press? Cody does some paranormal investigating of his own.

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