TDG: Top Five AEG Games


Join Cody as he looks at his favorite games from AEG. And remember, kids, AEG stands for Another Educated Gamer (which is what you become every time you watch The Discriminating Gamer)!.

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TDG: Dominare


Hey, who's up for a conspiracy? Cody takes a look at this third outing into the Tempest game series from AEG, which features area control, card drafting, and a plethora of Renaissance Faire extras. Will it dominate your heart, or will all of your cubes be misplaced? Cody investigates!

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S1E4 Courtier


In this episode, Cody becomes King of America and decrees that he and Justin review Courtier, from Alderac Entertainment Group. Then, Justin goes on a date with a real live girl.

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