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TDG: Western Legends


Howdy Pardner'. Why was that cowboy so funny? He was always horsing around! Join Cody as travels back to the old west in this sandbox adventure game from Kolossal Games. Will it tie a lasso around your heart? Or should you let it just ride off into the sunset on game night? Let's watch!

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TDG: Captain's Log


How long does it take for a pirate to learn the alphabet? Several years, because they spend so much time at "C". Join Cody as he explores this sandbox game of pirates and adventures from PIF Games. Will it fine the booty on your tabletop? Or should you just throw it overboard? Let's watch!

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TDG: Firefly: Blue Sun expansion


Feeling blue? Cody takes a look at this big box expansion to Firefly: The Game, from Gale Force Nine, and has a little help from a very special friend.

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TDG: Xia: Legends of a Drift System


Is Far Off Games' new space adventure Xia worthy of legend, or will it cast you adrift? Cody offers a systematic analysis. See what I did there?

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