hidden traitor game

TDG: V-Wars


Do you V-like hidden traitor V-games? Join V-Cody as he V-takes a look at this horror V-themed game from IDW Games, and V-learns something about the 22nd letter of the Alphabet in the V-process.

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TDG: Hunt: The Unknown Quarry


The only thing worse than a monster is a secret monster... Or listening to anything by Miley Cyrus. In any event, Cody takes a look at this new hidden traitor/deduction game from Victory Point Games

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TDG: Homeland: The Board Game


Intrigue. Betrayal. Deception. But enough about Cody's personal life. He's here to tell you all about the new competitive hidden traitor game from Gale Force Nine, based on the hit TV show.

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TDG at Play: The Resistance: Avalon


In The Discriminating Gamer's very first play through, the gang engages in the triumph and betrayal that is The Resistance: Avalon. Join Justin, George, Holly, Shawn, Cody & Stan, as they engage in a ferocious game of backstabbing and hidden identities.

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