Wonder Woman

TDG: Challenge of the Superfriends


Wonder Twin Powers: Activate! Form of: A Card Game! Will this new Cryptozoic card game based on the 1970's DC Comics/Hanna-Barabera cartoon leap tall buildings in a single bound? Or will it just swim in the sea and talk to fish? Cody investigates.

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TDG: Justice League Strategy Game


Holy apocalyptic crisis, Batman! Join Superman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and Bats himself as they attempt to thwart the evil Darkseid in this offering from WizkKds! But does this superhero game fly, or is it a box full of Kryptonite? Cody investigates.

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TDG: DC Dice Masters: Justice League


Do you like to roll dice? Do you like to spend energy? Do like grown men who wear tights? Have we got the game for you! Check out Cody's look at WizKids' latest offering in the Dice Masters line.

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Ode to Legendary Marvel & DC Deck Building Games


Shawn sings his timeless tribute to two great superhero deck building games.

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