Iron Man

TDG: Marvel Contest of Champions: Battlerealm


If there is one problem with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it's the lack of dice! Will this new dice and card game from Upper Deck bring superhero levels of fun to your tabletop? Or should Thanos just snap it out of existence? Cody investigates.

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TDG: Marvel Strike Teams


Don't tell Lieutenant Russia and Sergeant Belgium, but Captain America is back! Join Cody as he explores this new dungeon crawler adventure set in the Marvel Comics universe. Quick, check it out before Thanos manages to make half the game disappear!

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TDG: Legendary: Marvel Studios Phase I


Now you can live the action of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in your own home- in board game form! Join Cody as he takes a look at this latest iteration of the Marvel Legendary line from Upper Deck. Will you be Nick Fury-ous about it? Or will it Hulk Smash your dreams? Let's watch!

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TDG: Legendary: Noir


It was a dark night in the dank city, a giant spider with a gun showed up alongside a guy in a steam-powered robot suit. Just then some bald criminal in a wheelchair appeared, hiding behind several witnesses. It's time to investigate this latest expansion to the classic deck building game from Upper Deck. Keep my gun warm for me.

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TDG: Risk: Marvel Cinematic Universe


Everyone may be aware of a marginally successful film franchise centering around The Avengers, but you haven't really made it big until you have your own Risk board game! Join Cody as he looks at the skirmish mode for this new offering from USAopoly. You'll marvel at his review!

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TDG: Legendary: Secret Wars, Vol. 1


What's this? Thanos a hero? Captain America evil? Did Upper Deck fall victim to the largest printing disaster in deck building game history? No, it's just the latest expansion to the Legendary system, and Cody takes a look!

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Ode to Legendary Marvel & DC Deck Building Games


Shawn sings his timeless tribute to two great superhero deck building games.

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