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TDG: Cody's Top Ten Games in Small Boxes (November 2022)


Join Cody as he looks at his favorite games in small boxes.

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TDG: Aeon's End


Don't you hate it when some big baddie threatens your home town? Join Cody as he investigates this deck builder from Action Phase Games and Indie Boards & Cards. With you enjoy this game for Aeon's? Or will it be the End to your good times? Let's watch!

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TDG at Play: The Resistance: Avalon


In The Discriminating Gamer's very first play through, the gang engages in the triumph and betrayal that is The Resistance: Avalon. Join Justin, George, Holly, Shawn, Cody & Stan, as they engage in a ferocious game of backstabbing and hidden identities.

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TDG: 11 Great Companies & Games


Cody takes a look at 11 board game companies and picks his favorite game from each.

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