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TDG: Assault Red Horizon 41


We always talk about the Eastern Front, but if you ask me, Stalin was a little Eastern behind! Jon Cody as he looks at this wargame set during the opening days of Operation Barbarossa from Assault Games. Will it conquer your tabletop? Or will it just get bogged down before it reaches its objectives? Let's watch!

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TDG: Heroes of Normandie: Big Red One Edition


Wanna get rid of the giant blues? Look into the Big Red One! Join Cody as he looks at this latest iteration of the popular World War II game system from Devil Pig Games. Will it blitzkrieg its way into your heart? Or should you just hoist the white flag before anyone gets hurt? Let's Watch!

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TDG: Company of Heroes


It's 1944: The Germans are back! And they're up to their old tricks! Will this new WWII tactical wargame based on the iconic video game from Bad Crow Games invade your heart? Or will it just retreat from your tabletop? Cody investigates.

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