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TDG: Star Trek: Discovery - Black Alert


When Red Alert just won't do, it's time for Black Alert! Join Cody as he boldly goes to explore this action selection/card management game based on the TV show from WizKids! Will it beam you up with excitement? Or will it just spore you to death? Let's watch!

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TDG: Star Trek: Away Missions - Commander Sela Romulan Expansion


If you every feel out of place in society, just remember that Sela is the only blonde Romulan. Join Cody as he looks at this expansion to new Star Trek game from Gale Force Nine. Will it be as sweet as Romulan ale on game night? Or will it just make you feel like a veruul? Let's watch!

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TDG: The Captain is Dead: Lockdown


Alien prisons are the worst! Well, except for New Jersey. Will this sequel to the 2014 starship simulator have you firing on all thrusters? Or will it just keep you stuck in drydock? Cody investigates.

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