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TDG: Awesome Kingdom


Why settle for a pretty good republic? This offering from IDW Games will push your notions of dungeons, monsters, magic, and good government.

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TDG: Yedo


Samurai? Samuryou!!! Cody takes a look at this worker placement game set in feudal Japan, and learns a thing or two about the Geishas in the process.

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TDG: Rattus Cartus


You killed my brother, you dirty rat! Literally. With Plague. Cody takes a look at this card game/jaunt through the Black Death era from IDW Games.

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TDG: Diamonsters


I remember when I was little my grandmother would tell me that one day the Diamonsters would find me and steal all of my diamonds! Or she said something about Lyndon Johnson, I can't remember. It's not really relevant. In any case, Cody looks at this quick, light card game from IDW Games.

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TDG: Machi Koro: Harbor expansion


We here at The Discriminating Gamer always lamented the fact that our card cities in Marchi Koro lacked access to the sea- now with the new IDW Games' new Harbor expansion, we lament no more!

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TDG: The X-Files


Aliens are among us. The government can't be trusted. Justin Bieber is actually talented. Only one of those statements is true, but I'm not going to tell you which. In any event, join Cody as he ventures down the rabbit hole and through the looking glass with this game of conspiracies and intrigue from IDW Games.

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TDG: Ode to Machi Koro


In this segment, Shawn sings of his love for Machi Koro, from our Machi Koro review.

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S1E10 The Downfall of Pompeii & Machi Koro


In this episode, Cody meets the delightful 19th century street urchin Tolliver Whist, and together they look at Downfall of Pompeii, from Mayfair Games, and Machi Koro, from IDW Games. But can Tolliver charm his way into Cody's ice cold heart?

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New Reviews Added


Reviews for Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Rebel Transport and Tantive IV expansions, Eldrtich Horror: Foresaken Lore expansion, Machi Koro, and Pixel Tactics 3 have been added to the Deseret News Reviews page.

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