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TDG: Cody's Top 100 Games of All Time, #40-31 (March 2021) with Zac


As Cody's madness marches forward, a new champion emerges. But can Zac stop Cody and his list in time? Find out in this exciting episode of The Discriminating Gamer!

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TDG: A War of Whispers


Please lower your voice as I stab you in the back! Will this new hidden area control game of intrigue and adventure dominate your tabletop? Or will you just manipulate it away from your game shelf? Cody investigates.

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TDG Live: Black Orchestra


Join Cody as he solos through a game of Black Orchestra, complete with new character cards!

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TDG: Black Orchestra


Sic semper tyrannis! Join Cody as he looks at this cooperative game from Starling Games where players try to stop Adolf Hitler in World War II! Will it end the war against boredom? Or will it brief case bomb your good times? Let's watch!

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