Level 99 Games

TDG: Sellswords


Gotta sword for hire? Willing to change from a blue to a red at a moment's notice? Cody likes the cut of your jib, and he wants you to join him as he takes a look at this light game of mercenaries and shifting loyalties form Level 99 Games.

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TDG: Argent: The Consortium


Exactly how do you pronounce Argent: The Consortium? Cody will tell you, and he'll take a look at this worker placement game from Level 99 Games.

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New Reviews Added


Reviews for Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Rebel Transport and Tantive IV expansions, Eldrtich Horror: Foresaken Lore expansion, Machi Koro, and Pixel Tactics 3 have been added to the Deseret News Reviews page.

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