Twilight Struggle

TDG: Top 5 GMT Games' Games


Join Cody as he takes a look at his favorite games from GMT Games. And remember, GMT stands for Games, Man! Today!

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TDG: Twilight Squabble


Quit Stalin and watch this review! Cody checks out this two player light card game with a Cold War theme from AEG. Will it tear down the Berlin Wall around your heart? Or will it just turn out to be a Cold Snore? Let's watch!

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TDG: 1960: The Making of the President


It seems like every four years we gotta decide on a new president in this country! Join Cody as he takes a look at this battle to the death between Kennedy and Nixon in board game form from GMT Games. Will it have you singing "Hail to the Chief"? Or will you cast your vote for the opposition. Let's watch!

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TDG: 13 Days: The Cuban Missile Crisis


Kennedy, Khrushchev, and Castro walk into a bar... and somehow avert World War III. Cody takes a look at this game of Cold War suspense from Ultra Pro and Jolly Roger Games. Does it have him seeing red? Let's find out.

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TDG: Churchill


Do you ever get in arguments with your friends over strategic materials, where to launch your next offensive, or political and military control over small countries? Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt did, and yet they always managed to remain friends and share secrets like schoolgirls. Now, you can recreate their historic hi jinks with this new game of negotiation, cooperation, and competition. I just hope Stalin and FDR don't feel bad that their names aren't on the box.

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Ode to Twilight Struggle


Here is Shawn's timeless "Ode to Twilight Struggle" from our Twilight Struggle game review.

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S1E1 Intro & Twilight Struggle


In our first episode Cody and Shawn talk about their love of board games, then review GMT's "Twilight Struggle." Justin, however, tries to spoil their fun.

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