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TDG: Sid Meier's Civilization: A New Dawn


Hey kids! Looks like Fantasy Flight Games reached into your PC, pulled out the classic video game, and placed it on your tabletop! Will this board game translation stand like a new Colossus of Rhodes? Or will it sink like some sort of cardboard Atlantis? Cody investigates!

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TDG: Rise of Empires


Cody is nuts about civilization building, but is he nuts about this civilization building game from Mayfair Games? Let's watch!

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The Discriminating Gamer: Clash of Cultures


Cody takes a look at this new fashion design game, Clash of Colors... Oh, wait, let me grab my notes here... Oh, my mistake. It's a civilization building game called Clash of Cultures, from Z-Man Games. That's ironic, right? A guy without any culture reviewing a game about culture? Am I right, folks? Am I right? I need a drink.

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