TDG: Space Empires 4X


Have you ever wanted to command a vast empire, but like an emotional teenager you just needed space? Have I got the game for you! Join Cody as he looks at this 4x wargame from GMT Games. Will it dominate your galaxy, or leave you stranded on some dank moon? Engage, Mr. Crusher!

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TDG: Fields of Despair: France 1914-1918


You gotta love any game that's got Big Bertha in it! Join Cody as he looks at this new game that featuring the Western Front of the First World War War. Will it be 'World War Fun', or will it be as enjoyable as a case of trenchfoot? Let's watch!

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TDG: Hammer of the Scots


Did you enjoy Screwdriver of the French and Sandblaster of the Portuguese? Then have I got the game for you! Join Cody as he takes a look at this historical block wargame from Columbia Games. You may be able to take my dice, but you'll never take- MY FREEEEEDOOOMMMM!!!!

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TDG: 1812: The Invasion of Canada


It's safe to say that if America lost the War of 1812, we'd all be speaking English right now. Join Cody as he explores that long ago conflict in board game form, from Academy Games, and learns to always be leery of the lingering Canadian threat.

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TDG: Athens & Sparta


How can you see in the dark while jumping up and down on one foot? With a Hoplite. Get it? Anyway, join Cody as he explores this game of ancient warfare from Columbia Games. But will you have a Helot of a good time, or will it feel like a Marathon?

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TDG: Friedrich


How did they fight the Seven Years' War? With playing cards! No joke- check out this classic wargame of maneuver, bluff, and attack from Rio Grande Games. Will it be Frederick's greatest triumph? Or will it be a seven years' snore? Cody takes a look!

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TDG: The U.S. Civil War


Here's a little known fact: Did you know that in 1861 the United States had a Civil War- over a century before Marvel did? Join Cody as he learns tons of historical goodies like that in this hex and counter wargame from GMT Games. Horrah for the Bonnie Blue game board!

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TDG: Napoleon: The Waterloo Campaign, 4th Ed.


Hey kids, Napoleon's back, and this time it's personal! Maybe it should be called "Napoleon: The Revenge!" In any event, this wargame from Columbia Games recreates the epic struggle between the returned French emperor and desperate Allies, led by Wellington and Blucher. Will history repeat itself? You decide!

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TDG: Clockwork Wars


Rhinos, Chimpanzees, dogs, and humans, oh my!!! Join Cody as he looks at this euro/combat hybrid from Eagle-Gryphon Games. Will it bring out the animal in you, or will it leave you a real steamed punk!

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Churchill and Triumph & Tragedy Written Reviews Added


Written reviews for Churchill and Triumph & Tragedy have been added to our Deseret News reviews page.

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